About Us


Advancing Performance and Community for the Aquatic Athlete


Depth was formed by Aquatic Athletes who are dedicated to growing a brand presence for those who live, work, and play in Another Element. We've spent decades working and competing in the water, and we can't help but notice how comparatively little is available or accessible to the Aquatic Athlete for their day-to-day pursuit. Depth was born out of a desire to meet that need and foster the growth of our aquatic community wherever we find it. 

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Our flagship product is performance apparel for life outside the water. As much as we train in water, we still need to perform on land. With limited options and availability for our athletes on the clothing market right now, our goal is to combine cutting edge technology, comfort, and design to create a premium apparel line that gives us an edge in training and an identity as an Aquatic Athlete. While that project doesn't launch until 2021, check out our promotional apparel available now!